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Last Day at NRCan Library

Today is technically the last day of my co-op placement at the NRCan Library. It has been a fantastic four months and, frankly, I’m not looking forward to heading back for my final MLIS term in January.

Not willing to let the work go just yet, I’ve put in a few longer days this week. I’ve been busy working on “transition” documentation/tutorials; and this morning, I submitted a second iteration of the Evergreen driver for VuFind. Users can now view their hold requests and their fines and the only remaining function to be implemented is placeHold (or, alternatively, the less intrusive getHoldLink).

I want to say a very big Thank You to George Duimovich for “throwing me a life preserver” and giving me the chance to work on open source projects for NRCan.

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I saw this marketing graphic on the Mozilla Europe site this morning and thought it wonderfully clear and simple (kind of like a “Tax Freedom Day” calendar).


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Just in case you were looking for a reason to finally switch to an open source web browser, it turns out that a(nother) major security vulnerability has been found in Microsoft Internet Explorer. From the BBC:

As many as 10,000 websites have been compromised since the vulnerability was discovered, he said.

“What we’ve seen from the exploit so far is it stealing game passwords, but it’s inevitable that it will be adapted by criminals,” he said. “It’s just a question of modifying the payload the trojan installs.”

But Microsoft counseled against taking such action.

Recently, an acquaintance of mine was asking me some odd questions about packet sniffers and how they could be used. I prodded a bit and asked why he wanted to know and he said that his password to an online game site had been stolen. He had absolutely no idea how it could have happened and was grasping at some unlikely explanations. Looks like he’s got his answer now – a hopefully a new browser, too.

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It has been a while since I started thinking of adding an Evergreen ILS driver to VuFind. After months of neglect, last week I picked up the latest version (1.0-RC1) and continued writing it up.

Currently, holdings info from Evergreen is displayed when viewing records and I’ve added support for ILS authentication. Patrons can log in and see their profile info and a list of the items they have checked out. Still unfinished is the ability for them to place a hold, view their current hold requests, and view a list of their current fines (these will be submitted shortly).

Special thanks to NRCan Library for giving me a bit of time to work on this.

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My Final MLIS Term Takes Shape

I drove down to London (Ont.) this weekend to look for an apartment/sublet. The entire trip was a bit of a fiasco but I managed to find a place and get home at a decent time on Sunday (despite localized snowstorms over Ottawa and London during both voyages – fortunately the road between them was clear).

The funny-in-hindsight part is that Google Maps lied about the location of the hotel that I had chosen. It wasn’t right downtown. It was beside the train tracks well east of downtown and located beside a strip club called “Beef Baron” (the term “stripclub adjacent” was never mentioned on the hotel’s website). According to their sign outside, the Beef Baron is seeking participants for its Amateur Night. Classy, that.

After visiting the apartments on Saturday, I tried to avoid my hotel until I absolutely had to sleep. I ended up hanging out in UWO’s Weldon library until midnight and finished Copyrights and Copywrongs. There was the white noise of undergrads fidgeting, procrastinating, and moving about in fits of exam stress, which made me feel right at home.

Afterward, I returned to the hotel and counted three policecar sirens in a span of 20 minutes before finally drifting off to sleep – only to wake up at 4:45am and get back on the road (again, in a snowstorm). At least I found an apartment.

Meanwhile, my course list for my final term has been finalized:

  1. 9506 Special Topic: Managing Vendor Relations
  2. 9202 Subject Analysis and Thesaurus Construction
  3. 9102 Professing the Popular: A Midbrow Introduction
  4. 9157 Information Entrepreneurship
  5. 9204 Special Topic: Enterprise Content Management

Unlike my trip to London, it’s pretty much what I had expected.

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Evergreen for Canadians

Last week, I submitted a large set of updates for Evergreen’s fr-CA translation. There’s still a few more to do but the bulk of the new strings are now ready (including the new Conify and Vandelay interfaces, which are completely done).

While mucking about with the fr-CA PO files, I also opportunistically went in and did a first pass through the en-CA (English Canadian) translation. So Evergreen will now have the option to display the correct spelling of “catalogue”, “colour”, “cheque”, etc. What a relief, eh?

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