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There’s an article on InfoWorld about netbooks and the impact they’re having on Microsoft’s bottom line:

“Why is all this bad news for Microsoft? First, an estimated 30 percent of all netbooks ship with Linux. That means Microsoft doesn’t get a penny for Windows from 30 percent of all netbooks being sold. Given that netbooks represent the fastest-growing PC market segment, the company’s problem may get worse with time.”

I’ve heard this prediction for many years – that is, that computer hardware would become so cheap that it would make the cost of a Windows license seem out of line. I was always a bit skeptical that this would work for non-Linux geeks (it didn’t exactly pan out when the “$500 desktop PC” first hit). It’s interesting to see it finally take hold.

And last week I met up with a friend of mine from library school for a coffee, where they proudly showed me their new netbook…running Ubuntu Linux. This person’s background isn’t anything close to computer science – it’s in Fine Arts. Since getting their new netbook, they have also converted their older (and heavier) Dell laptop to Ubuntu, as well – all without a hitch.

(Sidenote: Yes, I will continue to call them “netbooks”, regardless of what Psion Teklogix thinks).

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Innovative’s Research Pro at LPL

I was just going through the London Public Library’s web site, looking to find an article from The Serials Librarian. I ran into LPL’s new “Research Pro” federated search interface (by III). Either the product itself or LPL’s implementation of it wasn’t quite ready for prime time.

Besides not working with Safari(!), “Tips” were added to the top of each results page telling users to hit “Reload” if the results list was empty (see screenshot, below). I had to reload every single page of results that I browsed.

LPL's Research Pro w/ Missing Results

LPL's Research Pro w/ Missing Results

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Evergreen Available

The Evergreen developers have just announced that version has been released, along with OpenSRF 1.0.4. From the announcement:

This release adds functionality, configuration, and usability
improvements including, but not limited to, the following areas:

  • Improved administrative interfaces for defining organizations and permissions
  • Internationalization and localization (Armenian (hy-AM), Canadian French (fr-CA), Canadian English (en-CA), and Czech (cs-CZ))
  • Multi-source Z39.50 search for staff
  • Pre-overdue (reminder) notices
  • SRU/Z39.50 server
  • Publication date filtering in advanced search
  • Preferred-language setting at both system and organizational level for search results
  • Web-based batch record importer/exporter

Happily, this comes just in time for my Reading Week…

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