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I’ll be going to hear Richard Stallman at the Treasury Board library next Tuesday. He’ll be talking about collaborative initiatives and (undoubtedly) their associated licenses (GFL, Creative Commons, etc). The primary focus will likely be wikis, as the Treasury Board is behind the Government of Canada’s GCPedia project.

Afterward, he’ll be speaking on the steps of Parliament Hill, at the following event:

Richard Stallman on Parliament Hill, Ottawa, 16:30 Tuesday 2 June 2009

Topic: The State’s Freedom, and the People’s Freedom, as Users of Software.

Date:  2 June 2009
Time: 16:30 – 18:00 pm on Parliament Hill (main steps)

Followed by informal discussion at the “Parliament Pub” Family Restaurant across the street, beginning at approximately 18:00.

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Evergreen Z39.50 Server

It’s the end of Week 2 at the new job[1] and it has been productive. Part of that may be because I ingested a decent amount of coffee. (I can’t get enough Bridgehead coffee and tea after being away from Ottawa for so long – I hope they expand to other cities in the near future.)

Late last week, I got Evergreen set up to act as a Z39.50 server following the instructions on the project’s DokuWiki. SRU worked fine out of the box and Simple2Zoom was easy to install and get working. I was retrieving records with yaz-client in no time.

This week, while testing the server with other Z39.50 clients, I found and fixed a bug in Simple2Zoom that was causing us some minor trouble. The first bug fixed in a new job, however small, is always very satisfying.

[1]: Okay, it’s not really a “new” job – I worked here during my co-op term last fall.

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Randy Dykhuis has an article in this month’s Collaborative Librarianship in which he discusses the history of the Michigan Library Consortium’s move to Evergreen (full text[PDF]). From the abstract:

“In 2008, seven Michigan public libraries migrated to Evergreen, an open source integrated library system developed by the Georgia Public Library Service. The Michigan Library Consortium and Grand Rapids Public Library provided the support, training, networking, and system administration for the system. This article examines the reasons for implementing an open source system and the challenges to running and sustaining it.”
An interesting read, particularly as I have just finished my first week working as a Systems Librarian at a library that recently migrated to Evergreen.

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Back to Work – Day 1

Today is my first day of work since completing my MLIS. As much as I wanted to work on my professional development during my two-week “vacation” between the end of school and the start of my new career, I instead spent much of my time recharging my batteries and recuperating from my final term.

Now that I’m well rested, I’m very happy to be back in the working world. I’m back to working on Evergreen but I’ll be playing more of an internal support and maintenance role in the library now, which suits me just fine. Other, non-Evergreen tasks await, too. Should be fun!

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It is being reported in The Scientist and the BioEthics Blog that Merck created a phony, “peer-reviewed” journal called the Australasian Journal of Bone and Joint Medicine, which was published by Elsevier.

Beyond the understandable anger from the medical research community, you could also forgive librarians for being a bit pissed, too. It’s bad enough having to deal with constantly increasing prices for real peer-reviewed serials…

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