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The Government of Canada is currently working to make its websites WCAG 2.0 compliant (WCAG stands for “Web Content Accessibility Guidelines”). The guidelines help ensure that websites are accessible to a wider range of users with sight or hearing impairments.

There are 38 success criteria in WCAG 2.0 and, from my understanding, only 16 of these 38 can be verified using automated tools. The others require verification by a human being because they context-dependent. To help with this manual verification, I have put together a simplified checklist:

There are a few things this checklist won’t verify. First, it doesn’t include most of the criteria already covered by existing automated tools. Second, it is meant for content management system (CMS) users who are only concerned about the primary content of the page. It therefore doesn’t include success criteria related to elements found in headers, footers, or navigation menus that are standard across all page in a CMS.

Feedback of any kind is most welcome.

I’m sharing this with the hope others may find it useful and possibly help me improve it (or point me to a better alternative). We all win when the web becomes more inclusive.

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